• Please keep posts, gatherings, and discussions directly related to the topic of the group you’ve joined or created. E.g. if the group is about meditation – feel free to share tips, tools, resources, discussion prompts, personal stories related to meditation. If you have something inspiring to share but it isn’t meditation-related, please share it on your personal page.
  • Create groups focused around the themes of spirituality, expansion of consciousness, healing, conscious living and/or the activation of human potential.
  • When creating a group, write a good description of what the group is about and what members can expect.
  • Communicate and create with mindfulness and loving intention.
  • Embrace diversity and different ideas. Remember we aren’t here to change people’s minds but to understand each other.
  • Collaborate to raise the consciousness of the group, our community, and humanity. Utilize synergy and synchronicity in your collaborations.
  • Keep Chaos & Light Community as a “politics-free zone”. Although we do believe it is important and essential to honor, listen to, and acknowledge “humans with stories” (~Shiloh Sophia). We encourage you to ask yourself what we can learn from those stories, and how we can utilize the experiences shared to influence and shape the kind of world we want to live in.
  • We encourage (though not necessary) the hosting of free live events and gatherings. Get to know your community and engage with others who have similar interests. If you need encouragement or tech support we’ve got you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We have Zoom rooms available for use.
  • Public groups are not for marketing and promotion. If you want to promote an event, product or service that is done in other areas on the website e.g. Mystic Market or Events, not within the community. There are two exceptions to this: If someone starts a private group and they set the intention that it is for that specific purpose, the group leader may promote events in that group. Also, free events that are part of the monthly gatherings may be posted for informational purposes. For example, the book club will post the time and place for meetings.
  • Focus on ideas, activities, and groups that promote and create the world you want to see. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me”.


  • Be kind and respectful.
  • Engage in good faith. Be open-minded and open-hearted.
  • If you join a group, please stay on topic and only share things relevant to the group. Your general interests and inspirations can be added to your personal wall.
  • Disagree with something? Great, it is one of the best ways we learn about ourselves and others. Often disagreement leads to growth, but please focus on your message and not the messenger.
  • Please keep political posts off our feed. There is enough of that elsewhere. We understand that there are some important conversations that need to be had. At the Chaos & Light Community, our aim is to elevate the discussion and approach topics from a different plane of consciousness. This means we move away from the framing of us vs them, or me vs you to “this is my experience”.
  • Be authentic, be vulnerable, be real.
  • Be mindful of bandwidth – please post a photo or two that is meaningful, not 40 photos from your vacation. This is a community with social media features, not a social media platform. Be intentional in all that you do.
  • Focus on ideas, activities, and groups that promote and create the world you want to see rather than tearing things down. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me”.


  • That people are inherently good and we live in an abundant, co-creative universe.
  • That we are all students and all teachers depending on the context. And we should support each other to learn, grow, and lead when appropriate.
  • In synchronicity and synergy. Understanding that when people share, connect, and collaborate from an authentic space that amazing things can and do happen.
  • That it is more meaningful to be curious than critical. We understand that a person cannot be summed up or reduced down to a single post or opinion. We might not always agree but we can strive to understand each other.
  • That intent is more important than impact, meaning that we don’t have control over how things are received, but can do our best to share from an open heart and open mind.
  • That self-awareness and personal growth are important and that with every person we interact with, there is an opportunity for expansion, inspiration, and self-discovery.
  • In the power of love, compassion, and forgiveness and that the world needs more of it. So spread it widely.
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