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Join the weekly Living Light Meditation gathering or choose from one of the many other classes and events that supports your spiritual growth.

Walk  The Path With Heart

Accelerate Your Conscious Evolution.

Do you know the way you see the world?  What are the stories you operate from? How does your worldview limit your potential? These are big questions, and I want to assist you in finding the answers.

Do you want to operate from higher perspective?

Are you interested in a deeper sense of meaning and purpose?

Are you ready to release any energetic blocks or old stories that keep you stuck?

Are you wanting to feel more grounded and in sync with the flow of life?


The energy work is a balancing and alignment of the energy body combined with intuitive guidance to bring a deeper level of awareness to your choices, habits and opportunities.


Check out the sacred geometry page for short visual meditations designed for expansion and relaxation.


Let’s explore what is meaningful to you. Let’s find out what are you uniquely designed to do.


Check out the guided meditations. There is a variety to choose from.









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Other People’s Keys

​Your KEYS will only open your doors. Certainly, there are many who can model for you how they found their KEYS. They can show you where they discovered their KEYS. They can even walk you through their process, however, none of their KEYS will work on your doors. The...

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Angela Levesque

Angela Levesque is a writer, teacher, and spiritual guide. Providing her clients with tools and resources for their personal evolution. Angela has a clinical background as an exercise physiologist and wellness consultant, as well as training in Reiki, Healing Touch, Reconnective Healing, hypnosis, and meditation. She also teaches many classes on and offline on mind/body skills, personal growth, connecting with our spirit guides, and the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

Angela also hosts a weekly podcast called Chaos & Light which takes a deep dive into culture through the lens of consciousness, spirituality, and personal growth.


“Angela has helped me on so many levels.  After the death of my husband, her insight and unique skills helped me work through and clear my grief and old beliefs and patterns that were holding me back.  Thanks to Angela, I am better able to experience joy and have a more positive outlook on both the present and the future.”

“If you are ready for the truth, then Angela is it.  My defiant personality has attempted to deflect or guard, but Angela can completely see through any smoke screen as she connects to thy true self.  Her ability to guide the truth in a direct yet comfortable, compassionate and confidential way is remarkable.   Angela is a rare gem and a part of my heart and soul.”

“I am an intuitive counselor, life coach and psychic medium — it’s not a simple task to read me, let alone tell me anything I don’t already know. Angela Levesque managed to square off with my higher self and sat me down for a good ol’ fashioned talkin’ to.There isn’t much that surprises me, but this reading impressed me. Not only was Angela able to bring me face to face with elements of my soul plan that I had not consciously considered, she has the skill to deliver the news with clarity that is rare. If I had to describe the session in two words: Mind Blown.
It’s a blessing to have someone out there who is trust worthy and works deeply with Spirit. I’ll recommend her, often.”



Does your chakra have a lesson for you? Are you communicating effectlvely?

Woman with paint on her body

7-Day Expansion Challenge

Do you know the way you see the world? What are the stories that you tell yourself that keep you stuck? What fears are holding you back? These are important questions and it’s time that you know the answers.

Guided Meditations

Want guidance from a spiritual ally? Balance your chakras? Meet your inner child? Here you’ll find a variety of guided meditations for insight and deep healing.

Your Path Awaits!

I believe that each person has tremendous innate potential. This isn’t something that has to be earned or gained, it is simply something that needs to be accessed. Do you know the way you see the world? What stories do you tell yourself? Are your inner and outer worlds in harmony?  

I want to help YOU explore the soul-level perspectives necessary for your conscious evolution. 


7 Day Expansion Challenge

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